Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Gecko and Some Toilet Paper-June 29, 2013

We had our first introduction to Geckos.  The first spotting was when one came out from under our couch.  It just sat there and didn’t move and I left it alone.  I was told to be nice to them because they eat the nasty bugs.  And today we spotted one on the ceiling at the office.

Contrary to popular belief they are not green, they do not stand on their hind legs and they do not speak with an Aussie accent.

I love a good “creature comfort”.  And one of the first things I had to buy when we got here was American TP.  I have found many varying types of TP, but the TP found at the office is the absolute worst.

You hear people say that the TP was so thin that you could read the newspaper through it, and so I just thought that I would show you that that kind of TP really does exist and that it is alive and well and hanging in the Institute of Religion in Fiji!!!

Our friend the Gecko

Toilet Paper So Thin You Can Read Through It!!

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