Thursday, June 20, 2013

Some Things Are Different–Some Are The Same! June 20, 2013

It’s funny how quickly you can acclimate to a new area after you have lived in other similar areas.  For example there are a lot of things like we encountered in England such as driving on the left side, putting your “rubbish” in the “bin”, and other very English things that the Fijians have picked up from their English friends. 

And of course there are a lot of very Asia things here as well, for example they love Chinese food and there are Chinese restaurants all over, and they have a huge market down in the center of Suva that is just like Hong Kong, and you see smaller neighborhood markets along the streets as well.  But then something happens that makes you remember that you are not in Kansas anymore.

Tonight we stopped at a super market to pick up a few things and of course Dew wandered around and got lost.  And as I continued to browse around one of the employees came up and said, “your husband is lost and looking for you.”  And I thought, “and how do you know it’s my husband?” And my next thought was, “of course she knows which one is my husband we really stand out in a crowd.”

Yesterday as we visited the big market we came to a small round about and there in the middle were about 5 or 6 men, sitting in their wheelbarrows and just watching the traffic go by.  As we (Fokie and I) went about the market looking for the items we wanted, Dew was wandering around taking pictures.  When we were ready to leave we couldn’t find him and as we walked outside the men in the roundabout pointed the way he had gone.  And he said they did the same thing for him and pointed the way that we had gone  Now how do you think they knew we were together…we stand out in a crowd. And as we watched him come up the aisle from far across the market we both laughed and said, “wow, is he easy to spot or what with that white hair and that white shirt!”

But the prize winner had to be tonight when we were standing in line at the super market to pay for our groceries.  As I paused to wait our turn something caught my attention  It was the Muzak music that you hear playing in the background.  But it was the song – Mary Did You Know?  A Christmas song and it was sung by Alex Boye!  No kidding, it really was and now I am officially in the “Christmas” mood.  Who knew?

The Resting Roundabout


Fijian Information Center



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