Saturday, June 29, 2013

PFS then Visiting the Countryside–June 29, 2013

One of our assignments is to hold a “Preparing For Success” workshop every month.  They are normally scheduled for the first and third Saturday of each month.  But because some of the students needed it earlier we moved it up a week.  We have been cramming for the last couple of weeks for it.  We do half one week and half the next and it’s a required class for any student applying for a grant or a loan.

We had 12 people signed up.  We went over early and set up.  Some of the signed up people never came, but others did, so we ended up with 13 students.  It went pretty well.  We cleaned up, had lunch and headed out.

Last week we went towards Nadi, and this week we went the other direction, out Kings Highway.  It is called the delta and there are a lot of farms out that direction.  We drove out past Korovou and to a point called Lawaki.  In our little book it said that it is “a 20 minutes stretch without potholes!”  Unheard of!  It was rather amazing!

We came to the end of the road and there was a school, a boarding school called “Queen Victoria” School.  It is between semesters here and all the students were gone and they were cleaning.  All the bedding had been washed and was drying – on the roof of the dormitories.  Rather an amazing sight.

We found a jetty where ferries come in and thought it would be fun to ride over to one of the islands and look around and come back.  Not to be, if you go over you stay – the returning ferry isn’t until Monday.  Another time maybe.

Then back, and we took a little turn off into one of the villages.  We passed a group of children who had been out cutting plants.  They had machetes and greens all wrapped up, bringing them back.  We stopped and asked if we could take their picture and they were overjoyed to let us.  So cute.  And there was one small boy who ended up in the back of the pack – but he was not to be outdone.  He simply marched up to the front and posed with his machete.  Check out his eyes, this kid was serious!  I think that he could be a throw back to the cannibal's of old.

By the time we got back home the rain had come back, but we had one whole afternoon with bright blue skies to take our pictures.


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