Saturday, June 29, 2013

Small World–June 29, 2013

Today Shirley and I held our first “Planning for Success” workshop.  Following the workshop one of the students was watching a YouTube video titled “Fiji Bus Driver Dance”. 

As I was watching it, I noticed a FAMILIAR FACE.  Nine months ago our grandson Sam was on a work project here in Fiji and he just happened to be on the bus. 

Check out the video, he is the curly haired young man in a blue and white stripped shirt.  Here is the link


Sam 9 Months Ago in Fiji

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  1. Teri and I have just caught up on your blog. WE really enjoyed reading and seeing your experiences in the land of Fiji. Hope all keeps going good there and you keep letting us share in your mission there. All is well here--HOT and getting HOTTER. Your in our thoughts and prayers--Sadie