Wednesday, June 12, 2013

First Week in Fiji–June 12, 2013

It has been a busy week.  Today I thought I would take my duct tape wallet with the built in coin purse to the office for a little fun.  They couldn’t believe the wallet was made out of “duct tape”, because most of them had never seen duct tape before, let alone camo patterned duct tape.  (Aubrey could make a fortune over here with her wallets!)

Dew with Duct Tape Wallet – the Office Loved it

Fijian $5 Bill

We got to the office a little early.  The Seminary and Institute building is behind the LDS Primary School.  You have never seen such enthusiastic children.  We were looking in the class room and several of the boys were running around on the tables and they take the rubbish out and climb on the dumpster and jump off.  They all wear a combination green uniform, and other schools wear different colors.  They look very nice.  The principle or head master came out and talked with us.  The Fijian people are very friendly.  I wanted to go into a class room to show Julie that class rooms in Fiji are just like the class rooms in Vancouver.  Included are a few pictures.

Crossing Guards at Entrance to School

They Are Children of God – and Proud

School Uniforms

Class Room Studies

Artistic Art Work – Julie Would be Pleased

Today we had a feast to welcome Shirley and I and to bid farewell to our trainers the “Jacksons” from California.  The sisters had a sisters luncheon just prior to the service center lunch so Shirley wasn’t very hungry by the time she got to the second lunch.  The feast include raw fish marinated in lime marinade (sevechae).  They had  Indian food and a parrot fish and curry and a whole lot of other things.  All in all it was very good.

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