Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Tender Mercy–June 15, 2013

Our first week has been extremely challenging.  There is soooo much to learn and just one interruption after another.  Our power went out in our flat and the electrician had to be dispatched.  The interesting thing is they come out on the first visit to fix the problem, but when they get here they realize they can’t fix it, so it takes a second visit.  Our flat is in a secured complex with an electric gate, so the electrician needed to have someone here to let him in and out.  So it is three to four hours over two or three days to get a simple job taken care of that should have been done the first day. 

We are so concerned because all of the challenges with this new assignment and wanted to get as much training as possible before the Jackson’s leave.  But each time we sit down to get some training the young single adults just keep coming in to pay on their loan, or to apply for a loan or to just hangout and talk. 

By Friday we felt underwhelmed with the infield training we got and our trainers are leaving soon.  We had made it a matter of prayer all week that we might get the training that we needed.

Friday, Shirley was over to the flat with the electricians and I was visiting with the financial department and I received a phone call from Foki Vuetibue – she is a volunteer at the employment center.  She introduced herself and told me she wanted to meet with us.  As we talked we found out she knows PEF extremely well and wanted to know if we wanted her to come and give us additional training.  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  She was an answer to our prayers. 

This young lady works all week as a volunteer for the church.  She said her pay is simply blessings from our Father in Heaven.  I invited her over to our flat to have lunch with us.  It was so nice to not be interrupted and have her be willing to help us.

Foki, Shirl and Dew – having lunch

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