Friday, June 28, 2013

Abbie Received Mission Call–June 28, 2013

Today was one of those “pay days” that life brings.  Just a few weeks ago Abbie (our oldest granddaughter) submitted her mission papers and on her Facebook she wrote “Mission papers are in, place your bets ladies and gentlemen!” 

And today she opened that big white envelope.

Just a word of explanation.  Abbie has always loved anything and everything Japanese.  She has studied the language, the culture, had Japanese foreign exchange students stay with her and on and on and on.  And when Tyler our oldest grandson got his call to the Japan Kobe Mission she was crushed and feared that she would never get the chance.

And last year she finally got to visit there and she soaked up every thing around her and had a permanent smile on her face for the whole time we were there.

And today she was blessed with a call to the Japan Tokyo South Mission!

There has been a joke in our family for a long time about who was the favorite – and Abbie has always held her own in that argument.  And today when she got her call Kent said, “Oh no, now not only does she think she is the favorite grandchild, now she is going to think she is Heaven’s favorite as well!  Could be!!!

We are so grateful for Skype and all the modern technology that allowed us to watch this momentous event as it happened and to be a part of all the excitement.  And to top it off, she reports to the MTC on September 18th – Grandpa J’s birthday.  (Remember – mi cumpleanos  es en Septiembre!)

Video of Abbie’s Mission Call

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