Friday, June 21, 2013

First Saturday Free–June 22, 2013

Actually our week-end started on Friday evening.  A group of the missionaries went out to dinner and to a movie together.  (Yes, it’s allowed for seniors!)  We ate at the food court in the Tappoo Center, which is a large shopping complex.  I struggled, the burgers were lamb, pork and even goat, (chicken as well) as were most of the meals.  Vegetarian is my new mantra.  Afterwards we went to see the new Superman movie.  They have a pretty nice theater and the drinks and pop corn are cheap, cheap, cheap.

And on Saturday we took our first foray into the countryside by ourselves.  Actually we just followed Queens road towards Nadi, nothing too exotic.  We wanted to find fun places to take visitor's, hint, hint, hint.

We found a full day trip on the Navua river  which includes whitewater rafting, canoeing, swimming in the waterfall, and a visit to a Fijian village and lunch, all less than an hour from where we live.  And add another 15 minutes time and we can catch a cruise and go snorkeling, fishing and diving. And this cruise goes out and circles the island that Scott and Ann are scheduled to stay on when they come.  And of course there is the diving with the sharks trip which I plan to miss and zip lines as well.

We found some beautiful sights and even got to walk along the beach.  Lunch was pizza, Hawaiian at that.  No lamb or goat, thank you very much.  We decided to check out a resort that specialized in diving, fishing, and surfing.  To get there it was two kilometers of dirt road and most of it was straight up, and I mean straight up.  By the time we got to the top of the mountain and realized that we would have to go down the other side to the ocean the idea of seeing the resort had lost it’s appeal.  Driving back down those hills was almost as exciting as riding a zip line down.  Give me a resort that can be reached from the highway any day.

We also found an amazing golf course at Pacific Harbor.  There was hardly anyone on the course and it advertises that it has more sand than the beach.  And you can rent clubs, you just have to wear golf shoes, and a shirt with a collar, no mention was made of the fact that you had to know how to play.  They had cool hats, hope we get a chance to play there just to get a cool hat. Pacific Harbor advertises itself as “the adventure capital of Fiji.”  Worth another visit or two.

And we topped the day off at a car wash.  A not to be missed adventure.  Our car was covered in mud and to get in and out of the car wash you had to drive through more mud.  I wanted the car vacuumed and they just had one spot to do that so it took a bit longer than just a wash did.  But they did a great job, there were some hard working young men doing all the work.  And we paid the grand total of $5.00 Fijian or about $2.50 American, so what's the problem with a little extra mud on the tires anyway?

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  1. Words can't say how excited I was to get an e-mail from you guys!!! Absolutely LOVE the blog, pics, and up-dates. Last Saturday Amy, Daphne and me took our families and headed to Strawberry for some prime crawdad fishing. We missed you guys....but these pics put a lake in Utah to shame! :) Keep up the great work and the fun posts. We love and miss you more than you know.