Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Road Saga Continues–June 27, 2013

Today is an anniversary of sorts – one month ago we entered the MTC and began this adventure. 

When we arrived we found that the street where we live is under repair.  We watched a group of laborers work to dig out some of the asphalt and dirt and smooth it.  And then it rained and the dirt all washed away and the next day they began again.  They work with shovels and with long poles which they use as a pick.

And then last week-end things got really serious – they brought in actual heavy equipment and paved a small part of the road.  Not all and they haven’t touched the pot holes yet.  So tonight as we came home we found small mounds of dirt all along the road and we feared we wouldn’t be able to get in the driveway, but they had left us room.  I fear that road construction is not on the “high priority” list.  Stay tuned for more reports.

But this sign was outside of our driveway the other morning.  I loved it!  Does it mean the road is half closed?  Or that half the road is closed for half of the time? Or does it mean we work half time?  Can’t really say.

Half What?

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