Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Duct Tape Purses and Wallets–April 9, 2014

As we mentioned earlier, when the kids came they brought a batch of darling items made from duct tape that our wonderful friend Aubrey Coleman made for them to bring.

And so as we enjoyed our time together and visited different places in Fiji we gave out the hair bows, the wallets and the darling purse that Aubrey made for the young Fiji children that we met along the way.  And of course we took pictures of them so we could show them to her.  And of course Elder Jackson got out his wallet that she made for him so we could take his picture as well.

Thank you Aubrey for sending us these cute things to share with some of the children of Fiji.  You are such a thoughtful and wonderful little girl, who always thinks of others.  Thank you for your great example.

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