Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Parry/Jackson Visit, Day 9–April 1, 2014

As with all good things – the end comes.  It was time for them to leave paradise and to head back to their lives at home.  And I think that even as young as they are – they would admit that they needed some down time to rest back up.

We went to the temple in the morning.  It was a good session and as weParry_Jackson Day0907 left, Sister Davis, the temple matron told us about the wedding they had performed earlier in the morning.  A couple from New York who came to Fiji to get married, with both sets of parents.  She told Kara that she ought to encourage her boys to come to Fiji to get married.  Kara just laughed and said if that is what he wanted to do he had better start saving his money.

After pictures on the temple grounds we went to lunch at….McDonalds.Parry_Jackson Day0911  By this time we were all ready for something plain and easy, and McDonalds fit the bill.  But before we left to eat we took time to run over and say good by to Foki and the others at the office.  Kara wanted to get pictures of the huge cemetery down by Lami and so we made a detour to get those as well.

Then we went back downtown to shop for more swim suits and someParry_Jackson Day0916 other things for the family back home.

But to our dismay the good stores were all closed, preparing for a big sale the next day.  But we were able to find one that carried what they wanted and they were set.

They came back to finish packing their stuff.  After all the goodies they brought we thought they would have tons of room for treasures, but they still had to work hard to get everything in.

Their flight was to leave Nausori at 7 and we got them there a little before 6.  Later we found that their flight to Nadi was cancelled and they put them on an earlier flight.  Good thing we left them plenty of time and didn’t dawdle.

And off they went – back to Utah – and here we stayed in Fiji.  At least for a few more months – which will pass very quickly.  We should be home in time to set up the Christmas Tree.

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