Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Parry/Jackson Visit, Day 1 - Monday, March 24, 2014

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!”  That is our excuse – and we are sticking to it! Kara and Jeff and Kent arrived for a visit on Monday and the fun began.

We picked them up at the airport in the pouring rain and wondered if this week was going to be a washout.  They took a few hours in the morning to rest up after that awful flight and then we ate lunch at Eden and we were ready to begin.

We visited our office to meet Fokie and the gang, went to the Institute to check out the YSA hangout and E & S Peterson, drove around Suva, visited the seawall, checked out the guard at the government office gate, and then on to an afternoon of shopping.  Kent didn’t bring any dress pants, he planned right from the get-go to purchase a sulu to wear to church and to the temple.

It took a couple of shops, but he found exactly what he wanted.  And then he talked Jeff into purchasing one.  And the cute salesgirl was gracious enough to teach them both how to make sure they were on right and wouldn’t fall off in an embarrassing moment. 

And what is a sulu without a Bula shirt or two.  By the time they finished trying them on the whole store was watching and laughing at the “big, white palongies”.  And we are sure that after we left they all laughed and said, “wow, we got rid of that awful purple and green shirt – we thought no one would ever buy that one!!!”

When the suitcases were unpacked there was a veritable store full of goodies unloaded on our cupboard.  We will never in 10 years eat that much, or maybe we will, who knows.

A quick dinner at our house, and we all were ready to hit the hay.  It was an early night and nobody even cared!

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