Sunday, April 6, 2014

Parry/Jackson Visit, Day 7–March 30, 2014

Sunday came – and we were up early to get ready.  It seemed to take longer than usual for the guys to dress.  Seems that wearing a sulu for the first time has a rather sharp learning curve attached to it.  But finally they were dressed and we were off to church.

Jeff had a memorable post for Facebook – and we quote – “This morning I said some words I thought I would never say... "Kara, I'm going to go iron my skirt." Had an amazing day today with my Brothers and Sisters in Nadi, Fiji. #RealMenWearSkirts —”.  Even the hashtag said it all.

After we took the required photos we visited a small Fijian speaking ward in Nadi.  We were like the stand out’s of the day.  Jeff and Kent figured out quickly that the hymn books are written rather phonetically and they could follow along and sing along with the rest.  It was only those sitting close enough to hear them that giggled.  The rest thought they were great and even the Stake President commented on their singing in Fijian.

We still had some hair bows that we hadn’t given away, that Aubrey Coleman sent and we passed them out, along with all the wallets we could.  Kara tired of the Sunday School class quickly so we left and scouted out the Primary.  Within 5 minutes we found ourselves in charge and we sang and talked about things we were grateful for and drew pictures of them.  It was great fun for us, and probably a bit of a vacation for the Primary leaders.

The candy bag came out and we managed to give it all away.  One adult lady asked me why everyone brings lollies for the kids and not for the adults.  I thought it was a great question.  But the kids all left on a serious sugar high.

And Jeff announced that this was the highlight of the whole trip.  They have such a wonderful spirit in their meetings and everyone in the world ought to experience their singing at least once.

We pool lounged the afternoon away, had pizza for lunch and then went to the only Mexican Restaurant in Fiji.  If you are ever in Fiji and feel the urge for Mexican – don’t bother – can you say “Mexican food spiced with Indian Spices?”  Not the best – it just didn’t scratch that Mexican Food itch we all had.

We watched some of the Hong Kong Sevens Rugby – Fiji got beat and then hit the hay.  We had to get up early to be in Navua by 9:30am on Monday.

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