Friday, April 11, 2014

Takalana With Senior Couples–April 5, 2014

Just when we thought all the fun was over – NOT!  The senior couples (all those who could make it) went out to Takalana to see the spinner dolphins.  But our luck with weather was not quite as good this time around.  It was gray and overcast, but off we went anyway.

On the way we passed a man with a bull on a rope, and the rope was stretched across the road.  He dropped it and off ran the bull.  We were in the van and we just buzzed right on past.  But Elder Collins and his group stopped to help him catch it. After they caught it and handed the rope back to the man, he just let it go and walked off.  Seems he was just taking it out to graze, not trying to catch it.  How were we to know?

We had our “morning tea”, changed our clothes and off we went. We wereTakalana - Seniors(U)02b not alone this time around.  There was 14 of us and 7 others, so they had two boats go out.  On the way out it started to sprinkle, and with the spray we were all pretty wet by the time we got out there. Sister Wells and Decker thought they would stay dry and have nice looking hair, since they didn’t plan on going in the water, but try as they would, they were as wet as the rest of us.

On the way out Jim, our guide, was trolling and this time he actually caught a fish.  Actually he caught 3 fish – Wow! 

We found the dolphins and there were about 3 who treated us to spins, but with the gray skies it was harder to see them swimming by.  Then we went over to snorkel.  With such a big group their snorkeling equipment was a bit on the “not enough” side.  So not everyone got in, but those who did found that the water was a bit rough and the tide was dragging you away from the reef.  But those intrepid swimmers that got there enjoyed the reef a lot.

We didn’t get a second visit to the dolphins, but went back in where we had a lovo dinner.  It tasted good after our snorkeling.  We headed back towards home.

On the way we stopped at that cute church out there on the top of the hill.Takalana - Seniors29a2  We took pictures of both the church and the missionaries little house.  Then on back home.  And of course by the time we got back the skies were clearing and the breeze that dropped.  Oh well, it was fun anyway.



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  1. We love to look at your blog and the pictures! Thanks for sharing! We are getting the ward organized. Enjoyed taking the YM/YW to do Baptisms at the Bountiful Temple.

    They are digging the last hole in the Villas now. Lots of new people moving into the Buffalo Ridge Ward.

    We send our love and best wishes!
    Rod and Betti Fifield