Friday, April 4, 2014

Parry/Jackson Visit, Day 4–March 27, 2014

It was another beautiful, blue sky day.  Beautiful that is after the good rainParry_Jackson Day04CD105 shower that followed us all the way to Navua ended. So far the weather fairy had been on our side, and we were grateful.  It was our day to take the lower Navua River and Village trip.  It was fun to introduce the family to Scott and the others and off we went.  The ride up the river in the long boats was great.

We arrived at the village, and enjoyed their welcome and the required Kava ceremony.  We were welcomed by Nehamani, who had broken his toe on our last adventure with them.  He said he was glad to see some repeat visitors and hoped we had better weather this time around.

We danced with the group and Jeff was in full “double knee” dance formParry_Jackson Day0419a09 and was quite the spectacle.  We toured the village and we found that the pre-school was under construction so there were only 3 little girls there.  Our cute friend from home, Aubrey, had sent us a collection of hair bows and wallets made from duck tape that she wanted us to give to the children, and as we left the three little girls and their mothers were all sporting cute hair bows.

After lunch we were back in the long boats and ready for an adventure atParry_Jackson Day0456a03 the waterfall.  And on the way up we re-lived our last wild experience there.  Nehamani said he was so surprised after that last experience to see all the people with big smiles, telling him it was a wonderful experience.  It surprised him.

This time around the waterfall was flowing beautifully and there were no rain drops or land slides in sight.  We had a ball swimming around in the pool and Jeff and Kent were able to almost get behind the falls.  On the way down they both jumped off a high point into the stream and pronounced it “wonderful fun”.

They rode on the bilibili raft on the way back and they all agreed that the bamboo poles under Kara were cracking on the way down.  Hard to believe, must have been because of the two heavy weights on each side of her.  But they can now say that they have ridden on a bamboo raft down the river.  However, it didn’t seem to be as comfortable as a rubber raft would have been.

But our beautiful weather wasn’t to last.  By the time we returned to NavuaParry_Jackson Day0491 the dark clouds were already beginning to form.  Dinner that night was one of our favorites – leftovers!  But by then it had started to rain and we were all too tired to really care.

It rained all night.  And it was a surprise to our desert visitors just how hard it can rain here in Fiji.

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