Saturday, April 19, 2014

Trip Around the Island–April 19, 2014

Four day week-end….what shall we do?

Friday was spent looking for Sam’s stomping grounds.  And Saturday we decided to take a trip around the island.  We have done this once before, going west and on around but not the whole trip in one day.  This time we headed east and went around the whole island.

Just outside of Ba is a village up in the mountains that still has the original Bures.  I have wanted to see it so we thought we would do a bit of reconnoitering to see what we could find.  We left at 7am.  It’s a beautiful drive, but there aren’t a lot of pit stops along the way.  You need to plan a head and not drink a large drink until you get close to Ba, Latoka, or Nadi!

We stopped in Ba and after a few wrong turns found the road to the village and got most of our questions answered about it.  Seems that you need to stay over night in order to have enough time to get there and back.

We visited the Ba market and discovered that they sell a LOT of Kava!  We have never seen it in it’s natural root form, we’ve only seen it pounded into powder ready for the water to be added.  It’s an ugly lookin stuff.

On around past Nadi and on to Sigatoka and then to Navua and home.  We arrived at about 7pm – a long day on the road.  We went 504 Kilometers or in our language 302 Miles.  The distance is not that far, but the roads are narrow, winding, and every village has those wonderful speed bumps!

By the time we got home we were wondering how just sitting in a car all day can make you soooooo tired.

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