Thursday, April 3, 2014

Parry/Jackson Visit, Day 2–March 25, 2014

And the marathon began.  We were up early and drove east to see the Spinner Dolphins.  It’s about an hour and a half on paved roads, and then about an hour on dirt roads, but what a spectacular ride it is.  And they seemed to enjoy it, especially when we saw the Fijian cowboy and the lady out gathering palm fronds.  Pictures galore.

At Takalana we had our morning tea – banana cake – and changed into swim wear and trekked down to the boat.  It’s always fun to see what boat we will get, and this one was as fun as the others have been.  We had three fellows take us out – one to drive the boat and two just along for the ride.

We found the dolphins and with two new underwater cameras we snapped away.  There were a good number just lazing around.  Then over to Moon Reef for a bit of snorkeling.  It was a beautiful, blue sky day and that makes the reef even more spectacular.

After our snorkeling we headed back to see the dolphins again.  They are so amazing.  Then we headed back, trolling for fish as we went.  We broke out the treats and it was fun to see what the natives thought of our treats.  Our favorite reaction was when Frazier popped a peppermint candy, trail mix and beef jerky all in his mouth together!  The look on his face was worth the price of the trip.

We caught no fish, but the ride was beautiful.  And we had time to talk with our guides and we discovered that Nutter Butter Cookies are a world wide favorite.

Lunch on the deck listening to the singing and guitar music was great.  We headed back and again enjoyed the ride and took more photos.  We actually cooked that evening and by 9pm there weren’t too many of us that weren’t ready to hit the hay to rest up for tomorrows adventure.

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